Unrecognized IP address had access to my site

HI there

I’ve received an email from Sec Plugin (Cerber) with a report of logged in activities. Noticed that there were 10 successful logins with different some with same ip addresses, which i doubt it because i didn’t login so many times in that time-frame. So i thought to look up where these successful login came from. Checked few of them and it resulted to not be my ip because they where from a different country. Some of those where located in Hungary. How can this happen? Besides, in locations of those ip addresses the ISP was Cloudflare Inc. Can someone explain to me…?

Can you post a screenshot? But you most likely proxy your site and did not rewrite the IP addresses and hence Cloudflare addresses show up instead of the actual client addresses.

You need to rewrite the IP addresses


can you be more specific please.

More specific than the linked article?

Under this name “Restoring Visitor IPs” i see lots of articles.

You need to pick the one that is applicable to your webserver.


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