Unreasonable bug in Cloudflare registry transfer

Does anyone have experience escalating simple issues up the ladder of Cloudflare support?
I’ve spent many hours and days with Cloudflare ticket support to try and get them to resolve a bug in the Cloudflare Registry.
14 days after starting a domain transfer, I repeatedly get emails from Cloudflare saying the domain is locked even though I have manually confirmed directly, and with Godaddy support that it has been unlocked for the whole 14 days.
The error message tells me that the my Cloudflare dashboard should say "domain locked’ but it doesn’t and never has. It says’Domain in Transfer’ - as it has since day one!
Numerous ticket messages to Cloudflare requesting support keep get the same ridiculous reply that clearly shows they are not reading the message - Domain transfers can take up to 7 days - :weary:
I guess they want me to spend US$300 for chat to solve a simple domain transfer issue? :exploding_head:

What is the domain @jeff75 ?


Also typo in my thread name - should say ‘unresolvable’ not ‘unreasonable’ :grinning:


Whois does show the domain status as ok.

If you can post the ticket number, that will help Cloudflare staff link the conversations.

As mentioned on the reply to ticket 2887042, the transfer can take 5 - 15 days to complete. Did you initiate the transfer on the 6th?

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I initiated the transfer on the 30th of July.
If all is ok, why do I keep getting the following emails from Cloudflare - like the one below which is from an hour ago?

The transfer of your domain, hirehumans.app, to Cloudflare Registrar was not completed due to a registrar lock still active at your current registrar. Cloudflare cannot complete the transfer until you remove the lock with your current registrar.

### Instructions for completing your transfer

1. Login to your current registrar and remove registrar lock. You may also see this listed as “clientTransferProhibited”
2. Login to your Cloudflare dashboard to confirm the lock has been removed. You should see the registrar status transition from “Domain Locked” to “Transfer In Progress” or “Pending Approval”
3. Cloudflare will reattempt the transfer automatically
4. If the transfer does not complete after the lock is removed, you can select “Cancel and Retry” from the domain Overview page in the Cloudflare dashboard to force a reattempt

Review your domain transfer status - (link removed)

*Thank you for your interest in Cloudflare Registrar. For additional assistance, refer to (link removed)

The Cloudflare Registrar team

Sorry for the issues with this and the time to transfer. It looks like that 30 July transfer was the attempted transfer that failed and was restarted on the 6th. (WRT the mention of 7 days in the auto reply, I am not sure if the 7 day transfer mention is an error in the bot reply, the average time it takes, or if transfer time varies by TLD, but I have made a note to clarify this with my colleagues on the Support team.) The 5 - 15 day window was what Christine mentioned on the ticket a few days ago.

I no longer see the “clientTransferProhibited” message on a whois. And, using whois I see the expiry date on the domain is 2024-01-10 yet it shows as expired on your /domains page. That type of disconnect indicates to the domain is indeed moving into your account. It’s clearly not expired, but the transfer in (that adds another year) has not been complete so the expiry date shows as expired. I’ve previously flagged that for the team.

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Thank you for the reply :grinning: Can you explain why I am getting the error notifications by email from Cloudflare, like the one an hour or so ago - posted above?

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When the transfer is finalized the state of the domain will cease to be in “flux” and be active on cf registrar and our systems will recognize that and stop sending emails. I’ll flag this topic & your ticket for my colleagues to keep an eye on the transfer.


Hello @jeff75, I’ve updated your ticket. Please let us know if you need anything else there :slight_smile:

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I guess I was right and there was a problem no-one looked into properly. I’ll will go back to go Godaddy again to see if there is a valid explanation and come back you.

Ok, so after an extensive chat with Godaddy, they say there is no problem at their end and that the problem is with Cloudflare. Final message from Godaddy - ‘Domain transfers take up to 5 to 7 days’
If this wasn’t so frustrating it would be hysterically funny :joy:
Where to from here to get this transfer done or should I just give up?

Hi @cloonan, not sure if you saw the rest of this thread but thought you might appreciate the update.

For clarity, to anyone following this thread, the Domain transfer failed. There was no explanation from either GD or CF - both have said there error is with the other party.

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