Unraid Tunnel not connecting "Unraid-Cloudflared-Tunnel"

Hi All

i am trying to setup “Unraid-Cloudflared-Tunnel” and while i think i have done everything correctly, the rocker run command from cloudflare doesnt start on unraid so i tried to above version following a youtube video but even after manually inserting the token the docker starts on unraid but cloudflare doesnt see it.

hope i explained that enough, hoping someone can help,


Hi there,

Likely you’re copying the wrong tunnel token. Tunnel ID != Tunnel Token.

The real token can be found inf you go to ZT>Networks>Tunnels, press your tunnel and click View, then on the Ovberview check Install and run a connector at the bottom. Copy any of the codes and paste it a text editor. Your tunnel ID is the big string starting with eyJh...

If this is already the token you were using, please check the container logs.

Take care.

this this the Unraid docker details, CF still shows it as inactive even with the token triple checked.