Unraid NGINX Cloudflare Spaceship setup


I have a developer background but pretty much zero knowledge in network.
I’m trying to open a few of my dockers to the outside world and followed a few tutorials

So I bought my domain on Spaceship, setup things on Cloudflare, setup things on Nginx, changed the sub-network of my docker in Unraid, type my web address…
And falls on a Spaceship generic page saying that yup, this domain is registered at Spaceship.

Nothing else. I’m trying to reread everything, see where I made a mistake or if there is another config that I need to do either on Spaceship, Cloudflare or Nginx, but I’m a bit at a loss here :grimacing:

Anything coming to mind? I’ll be posting the same on Spaceship because I saw that registrar usually tend to send the ball back to Cloudflare and that way we can follow both discussions in parallel.

Erratum - Spaceship doesn’t have a community forum/help or whatever, so I guess I’ll have to talk with them directly when the time comes :sweat_smile:

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