Unpaid Billing , default payment method PayPal stopped getting paid automatically

I have paypal set up as default payment for years and it always worked well.
Suddently since april the invoice name changed from CFUSA… to IN-… and the bills don’t get paid anymore

Date Type Number Amount Status
May 14, 2024 Invoice IN-2310578 $746.90 Unpaid
Apr 14, 2024 Invoice IN-1290792 $735.20 Unpaid
Mar 14, 2024 Invoice IN-458303 $325.00 Paid
Mar 14, 2024 Invoice CFUSA9344088 $354.10 Paid
Feb 14, 2024 Invoice CFUSA9145449 $689.70 Paid
Jan 14, 2024 Invoice CFUSA8871531 $634.50 Paid

How can I pay my bills? I don’t want the service to be suspended.

I already opened a ticket (number 3276715 ) but the answer was to click on the unpaid invoice and it would show a “Pay online” link, but when I click on the unpaid invoice it simply downloads the invoice PDF.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hey, any idea? I also dont get reply from Cloudflare even though I re-opened the ticket. Thanks

I flagged you topic for my support colleagues.

Can you try a different form of payment? I have seen issues with paypal since the recent billing migration. Let us know if that is successful.

@urb short of trying a different form of payment, can you remove paypal and readd it and try again? Let us know if removing & re-adding works for you.

Hi there,

Hey. Just sent a reply to your ticket.
Please reply back in the ticket if you still have any issues.

Take care.

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