Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks with up to 51 tbps capacity

This page seems to have changed and the business package advertises:

Everything Included in Pro, plus…
Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks with up to 51 tbps capacity

Does this mean that Pro no longer has that? If so, I find that new page to be a bit misleading :thinking:

That’s strange, as that became a standard feature years ago. Maybe @cloonan can clear this up.


Exactly, that’s what surprised me the most, specially since this is something that has gone live this week or the previous one.

Might be some legal wording, as they may not want to give full unmetered to every single case as in very very extreme circumstances might pose threats to others and may force them to drop something.

Disclaimer: not actual info I have, a personal thought.

^I think that is the case as well but am trying to details internally.

And that is the vexing part, I don’t see any recent change tickets for that page.


It was contextual with the redesign last year. I see it in September, for example, but they then changed the wording for higher tier plans to add maybe more emphasis of the full protection?

This is the standard that has been live for months, it showed the same features for all packages and highlighted those available on that plan.

However now, if you switch to business:

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We haven’t changed any DDoS policy. We will always continue to provide unmetered and unlimited DDoS protection for all plans.
I’ll flag this with our marketing team.
Thanks for surfacing this.


Our marketing team has fixed this, and the free and pro plans now again show the unmetered DDoS Protection :tada:


Missing a capitalised there, “Tbps”… also it seems to be already outdated in numbers.

Second paragraph here:


lol thanks, I’ll let the team know


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