Unlock "pay as you go" for Cloudflare for SaaS for Everyone


We need to upgrade our SSL for SaaS (custom hostnames) as we are about to launch our platform.

We are still limited to 20 domains. Our customers will need more so we are ready to go “pay as you go”.

Please note this is for Cloudflare for SaaS for Everyone to which we were granted private access. This is NOT about the Enterprise version.

I have opened a private ticket and I’m also posting here as it’s a bit urgent since we are launching in a few weeks.

Thank you.

Can you please post that ticket # here so we can escalate it?

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The ticket # is 2274053.

Thank you @sdayman

Escalating right now. @Chris_M is on :fire: this morning with work, but can hopefully get to it.


Thank you!!

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