Unloads failing after switching to Cludflare

After switching dns server to cloudflare
Any uploads fail from 5mb to 1gb
Before switching to cloudflare free plan we had no issues uploading files
Now all of a sudden every time a file upload fails
I have tested this and as soon as we switch back to normal hosting Dns name servers all files can be uploaded up to 1gb

Why is this happening and id like a short a strait answer all your hosting is the name servers not my data so why are my uploads failing when using your dns

Hi @user14757,

Cloudflare limits the upload size (HTTP POST request size) per plan type:

  • 100MB Free and Pro
  • 200MB Business
  • 500MB Enterprise by default. Contact Customer Support to request a limit increase.

If you require a larger upload, group requests smaller than the upload thresholds or upload the full resource through an unproxied (grey-clouded) DNS record.


In short, if your records are :orange: then the limits above will apply. If they are :grey: then the requests go directly to your server and Cloudflare can’t limit it.

It sounds like even smaller uploads (5MB) are failing.

This problem sounds more complicated than a short answer can offer.

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