Unloaded listener

I keep on getting the error unload listener and browser error’s logged because of this I can’t my access domain on some different wifi networks, does anyone know how to fix this?

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Can you provide additional information so Community members can better help you?

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I’m the owner of learnleapcenter.online, My domain works on most devices while some wifi networks have restrictions where domains/websites with unloaded listeners don’t load, I couldn’t find any way online to fix this, Here is a link for the report https://pagespeed.web.dev/analysis/https-www-learnleapcenter-online/y4ypr2hcdj?form_factor=desktop

Thank you for the support

I have no idea what that means, so your update hasn’t given me much in the way of new insight. Maybe someone who already knows what an unloaded listener is will be able share some useful ideas with you.

Here a more detailed view that I got from the report

None of those issues would prevent a site for loading. Those warnings are from some tool and the resources in question are hosted on gstatic.com resources which is not a domain proxied by Cloudflare. Nor does the detailed view seem to be indicative of anything that would stop a website from loading.

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