Unlimited tier through the dashboard

How do i upgrade to Unlimited tier. I am on the dashboard and don’t see how to do it.

You can Upgrade any Plan here:

(beside Enterprise Plans)

To learn more about CloudFlare Plans click here → Our Plans | Pricing | Cloudflare

Unlimited tier of what? Most plans are pretty much unlimited within the bounds of Cloudflare.com/terms

I received the email below

You’re 90% of the way to reaching your daily Cloudflare Worker limit of 100000 requests.

If you do not take any action and exceed the daily limit, your end users will experience 5XX errors until the limit resets at 2021-03-11 at 00:00:00 UTC.

If you believe that you may exceed the limit, you can ensure uninterrupted service by upgrading your account ([email protected]’s Account) to the Unlimited tier through the dashboard. It has a minimum monthly billing amount of $5, and it is $0.50 per million requests beyond the first 10 million.

This is for Workers, head over to the Workers section and then “Plans”, you can upgrade there.

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