Unlimited bandwidth for limit provider. How to do it?


My provider provides me limited bandwidth. Is it possible to remove this limitation by using Cloudflare? How to do it?


Terminology, please. It’s traffic, not bandwidth :slight_smile:

After having settled this :wink: , on to your question. No, not really. Cloudflare can help you to reduce traffic as they cache certain content, so not every request will hit your server all the time, but once that cache expires it will hit it once more. But how much that can reduce depends a lot on your setup and if I run the risk of exceeding my allotted traffic I would not exactly solely count on external caches.

How much traffic do you have and how much do you use?


No, its bandwidth.
Thanks. I have 5 Gb and use an economy plan. This restriction bothers me the most. :-/


Believe me, its traffic :wink:

But 5 GB on what? What plan is that? I am not aware of any hosting plan with such a limited set of traffic, even NAT VPSes offer more.

Or is this a mobile phone provider? In that case Cloudflare would not be applicable at all.





Christ sake, $4 for 5 GB?! Thats 90s pricing.

My recommendation would be to switch hosting provider. Cloudflare could reduce some traffic but I would not exclusively count on that.


Ok. Thanks.


And as for bandwidth, thats commonly misused but bandwidth still is not traffic and vice versa :slight_smile:



English is not my native language, and I thought that web developers called traffic as bandwidth.
Bandwidth in CPanel - https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/74Docs/Bandwidth
I think the restriction bandwidth is restriction traffic.


No worries, its not about nativeness, its not a grammar thing. Many native speakers make that mistake.

People misnamed traffic as bandwidth and then it became somewhat a common mistake. But the correct thing is still traffic, sorry I am a bit of a zealot when it comes to naming :slight_smile:


Hah, ok)
Are there any hosting services that are of high quality, cheap and have no traffic restrictions?


You are looking for shared hosting, right? I am afraid I have been out of that field for too long to provide any reasonable recommendation.


Ok. Simply, this is the most difficult thing to choose.


Without traffic restrictions… There are a few, try looking for Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, but it’s not limited to these. Never used any of those, so can’t really comment on performance or anything, but look around.


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