Unknown Traffic

Hi folks,

I am confused by the number of unique visitors I am getting to my site.

I am currently developing a website that is published (I published it before finishing so I could see how it looks in the browser) and the domain is actively connected to my Cloudflare free account.

From day one of publishing it, according to my Cloudflare analytics, I have been getting consistent unique visitors from USA and several European countries despite the fact I haven’t shared my domain with anyone and haven’t sent any traffic to it.

I am confused by this, is there a chance people could be finding my domain already via Google searches? Or is it more likely bots?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I think I found out why. According to web.archive.org, my domain has been used as far back as 2009 and appears to still have backlinks pointing to it. I’m thinking that it the reason why.