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I am trying Cloudflare for my web application la3yunak.com, but I keep getting 503 service unavailable. when I disable Cloudflare proxy everything works fine. However, I notice and odd certificate that is used to secure my connection when enabling Cloudflare proxy, this certificate is neither the edge certificate used on Cloudflare proxy, nor the one at my origin server. This certificate shows even if I disabled SSL/TLS encryption mode to Off.

Also, I couldn’t find any logs on my origin server from Cloudflare servers, but it is important to note that my origin server hosts multiple applications and uses Nginx as reverse proxy.

Was this domain previously used at Shopify? If so, you will probably need to contact them to release your domain, so you can use it elsewhere.

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It was. However the domain was working properly with my old nameservers.
I will try to check the domain info on Shopify.

I have removed my domain from Shopify, But the problem is yet showing.
Anymore tips, or should I just for a while for the config to take effect.

You actually need to contact Shopify Support about this. The act of “removing” the domain from their system doesn’t actually translate, at least in some cases (to be very polite to them), to actually removing their config which means that Cloudflare still thinks they are the owners of the domain.

Cloudflare is working on a fix to prevent this from happening, but in the mean time…

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