Unknown requests on newly registered domain

Hi, I’ve noticed something strange when I logged into the dashboard just now.

Throughout the past week there have been 92 total requests, from which 88 unique to my newly registered domain.
I have A-records pointing to my GitHub pages for a personal website which I haven’t made yet, there’s only the blank github.io page and nothing else.
For what I’ve seen there’s 40+ requests from the UK, ~20 from USA and Canada and about 3-5 each from China, India, Brazil, Russia and France.

Is this something I should be worried about? Are those some malicious bots/scanners? I haven’t even given the domain anywhere, nobody knows it except me. Google search crawlers also haven’t indexed it yet.

I was thinking of creating subdomain A-records pointing to my home IP address for sometimes when I host temporary game servers, instead of needing to remember IP and port. Since I can’t use :orange: for non-HTTP traffic, and there are suddenly a lot of unknown requests to the domain, is this a high security risk?

I’m pretty experienced when it comes to keeping home security tight and propetly configuring networks, firewalls, routers, etc, but I haven’t owned a domain before, so this looks kind of strange to me.

That’s normal. All domains are under “attack” 24/7. Some are just poking around. Some are malicious.

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