Unknown PTR record in DNS; it's not there in Cloudflare DNS Settings

(1.) There is an extra, unwanted, unexpected, unadded PTR record in my DNS settings, with value set to the Domain Name “mediati.net”. You can see it here in MxToolbox Reverse Lookup:

(2.) cPanel also notices and complains about the extra PTR record:

(3.) Yet my DNS records in Cloudflare only have one PTR TXT record, the one I want.

I haven’t found anyone else with this same problem. Where could the PTR record to “mediati.net” be coming from !??


:wave: @paul.jubenvill,

That is coming from the in-addr.arpa zone/ record being queried. I see a PTR record in your forward lookup zone but it is unlikely to actually be doing anything.

You might need to ask whoever owns the IP address range associated with that record if they will change as they control what that value returns.

— OG

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your reply. You’re right… I do not know why, but I have no control over that PTR record that’s important to me.

So, I asked my ISP, and they were able to remove/change it for me.

That’s one problem down, which has now revealed another REVERSE DNS (PTR) problem, and another problem with Microsoft servers blocking my IP, even though it isn’t blacklisted anywhere else.

I’m not good at network admin or IT, but I need to do what I need to do. I can honestly say that I haven’t found anything quite as obtuse as email.


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