Unknown page appeared on my sub domain

just suddenly happened to my sub domain
its not my sub domain :expressionless:
i configured my sub domain then without any changes , after a day , when i visited to dent.mindescape.co i faced this site
its original address is asarartmarket.ir !
ive also checked the dns

You have checked it and where is your subdomain “[email protected]” ponting at?
Does it have a “A” Record, “AAAA” Record or is it a CNAME?

used to be a cname
ive also tried A record too !

Hi @ghost.fisher1377,

Cloudflare doesn’t handle the content served, try setting the DNS record for that subdomain to :grey: and see if you see the expected site. You will probably need to check the configuration on your server or contact your host for assistance. It may be that it is not properly set up to serve your site on that hostname, or not configured correctly for SSL/TLS if you have set that up.

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