Unknown number obtained my contact information

I just received a unknown phone call from Vancover, CA REDACTED regarding one of my domains. They knew my name and phone number. How is this possible? Considering I am not currently hosting anything on that domain, I don’t understand how they were able to obtain my private information. They wouldn’t tell me who they were or how they got my contact information. How is this possible and what can be done to prevent my sensitive information from being obtained?

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Realistically? The only guaranteed way is to not have a domain or a phone number, or at the very least never use it anywhere.

Practically? Get an inexpensive number that goes straight to voicemail to use with your domain registrations and never check it.

As for how the information was obtained, there is no way for anyone here to know that. If you have had the domain and phone number since before the GDPR emptied most whois databases of contact information, the data could have been mined years ago. Similarly, the information could have been obtained if your domain was ever registered anywhere that did not include privacy by default.

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Could be this depending upon TLD

The .US registry requires that domain contact data is displayed in the public WHOIS database. Redaction and/or use of WHOIS privacy services is prohibited. This is a registry policy that all registrars must comply with.


Whenever I get those annoying calls triggered for domains for logo design, hosting, whoknowswhatother services that I am not at all interested in it’s always due to my details with the hosting provider. I :orange_heart: the throw away phone number suggestion from @epic.network

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