Unknown Hosting location

I’ve been asked to find out who hosts the website fourthsurfboards.com - it’s currently got a redirect on the domain, which im tryign to have resolved, however the nameservers are pointing to cloudflare. Is there any way of obtaining additional information from cloudflare without owning or having access to the cloudflare account.

No, that’s part of the reason Cloudflare exists – to protect the origin of a website.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the same person who runs surfdome since both domains have the same exact name server configuration and same domain registrar.

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Hi thanks very much. I think they may have the domain but didn’t know who was hosting… but guessing they are the only people that will be able to obtain more information. Thanks for the help! Very much appreciated!

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Whoever added it to Cloudflare should have access to the DNS records here which would show you the origin IP address. That address can lead you to the host if you look up the IP address at whois.com

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