Unknown file type

In Cache Analytics, One Content types(MIME) is shown as unknown. My Best guess it is woff2. But why it is shown as unknown.

It’s most likely not woff2, as I believe that’s covered by the “woff” entry. Granted a hit of 10 for “woff” seems pretty low, but from what I hear, the content type isn’t always a direct match for what’s in the header. @matteo has been combing through this lately and might have an idea.

Could be, even better than me, let’s summon @jpl :slight_smile:

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What types of URLs does it show if you filter to that type? We might be able to add them to the content type parser,

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No filter option for unknown type.

I am almost sure that woff2 in shown as unknown.

Here is data for last 30 minutes. Woff showing left side 0. In right side many woff2 request.

That only accounts for roughly half of the Unknowns. At least if analytics parses out Woff2, you’ll replace one mystery with another. Maybe add yet another if you can figure out what Empty is.

Empty is mostly 301.

In Empty there is another mystery HTTP status 499.

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in HTTP 499. All the request showing cached. So this issue is also not related to origin server. Don’t know why such a huge 499 request coming.

Another Data regarding unknown type

If I filter content with file .woffs (Not including woff) I get the following result

and here content type request

If we include woff (which is also not showing now in content type). We might remove this unknown.

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