Unknown Error when adding custom pages domain

We have tried to add a custom domain to the pages entity .pages.dev. The domain xn–.com or .com should be set as a custom domain. The utf8 version of the domain throws an error stating the domain name is invalid. When using the xn-- ascii version it throws an unknown error when it tries to add the DNS entry.

We believe there is a bug in the Cloudflare dashboard for Pages which makes it not handle international domain names properly. Any other ideas?

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I am also getting the same issue. My root domain is an IDN and I am unable to add a custom domain to my Cloudflare Pages project. It appears to successfully create the DNS record but it fails to associate it with the Pages project.

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Yup that is the exact moment it fails. When using the xn-- encoded version it will create the DNS entry but then the unknown error occurs when trying to finalize it all.

One can easily reproduce the issue of the interface not accepting the IDN version by trying to set for example €.com as the custom domain which is a completely valid domain but a “Please enter a valid domain” error will appear.

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Same thing happened here, when adding custom domain for pages, add a punnycode domain only create a CNAME record, and cannot be activated for pages:

I believe it maybe a bug, any update for this?