Unknown entries in cloudflare audit log

Checking the audit log I can see the following unknown entries - are these Cloudflare internal entries and if so can someone from Cloudflare please confirm why they were accessing it ?

7fdb6803-af5f-4f04-a538-d399210256a1 cloudflare_login TRUE admin 17a1a80d-bb13-4102-95b1-8002d7716fe2
102be1b2-beac-4b89-9f29-4d4fc6dfa25e cloudflare_login TRUE admin 17a1a80d-bb13-4102-95b1-8002d7716fe2
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Could you DM me some details - I don’t see the account you’re referring to.

As discussed over DM - this was relating to a ticket you raised with the support team on February 17th. Most commonly when we need to provide you with support for your issue, a Cloudflare staff member will log into your account with read-only permission to help you with your issue. The audit log is transparent and shows you when this happens.


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