Unknown DNS Records resolved

I got this issue sometimes on several domains.
When I try to issue an Certificate via Let’sEncrypt from my hoster it’s saying

The DNS zone contains an AAAA record, but the domain is not assigned an IPv6 address in Plesk.

When I check the domain’s AAAA Records with an external tool, I find some Records as well. However, I didn’t add any AAAA Record in Cloudflare for this domain.

Can someone tell me where I should have a look to resolve this error?

Cloudflare make an AAAA record to support IPv6

How can I prevent this?
Otherwise I cannot issue a certificate.

It’s very unlikely that you can disable IPv6 for your domain unless you are using Enterprise plan.

However, perhaps you can try a workaround by setting a dummy IPv6 address in Plesk? Maybe a reserved address like 2001:db8:8:4::2.

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