Unknown Cloudflare Account Details


we have a client that uses cloudflare and we need to move their hosting. It seems that no one knows the cloudflare account that cloudflare was set up on for them. How do we move the hosting to the new hosting provider without knowing the cloudflare account that the site currently uses cloudflare on? We have tried the client’s email address password reset, same for multiple email addresses of past and current users within our own agency as well as reaching out to older 3rd parties the client used to work with.
How do we cut Cloudflare out of this or recover the Cloudflare login details/correct user to reach out to?

It’s going to be difficult without knowing which email address you used. You can use the forgot password link on the email address that you might have used and see if anything comes through.

If you don’t know the email, you probably are going to have to add it to Cloudflare again then change the nameservers to the new nameservers Cloudflare gives you. This would transfer the DNS to a new Cloudflare account but then you would need to re-input all of your DNS records.

There’s also that Forgot Your Email link.

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