Unknown certificates issued for my domain by Cloudflare

While looking at certificate transparency logs I noticed that Cloudflare issued multiple extremely long-lived certificates for my domain (hurut.party).

I have sole control over this domain, and to the best of my knowledge I’ve NEVER requested these certificates nor engaged with any services that could have requested them on my behalf. In fact, I just created my very first Cloudflare account to ask about this issue.

Is there any way for me to have these certificates revoked and to prevent the issuance of future certificates?

I see that you’re using Porkbun’s name servers, and I’ve learned from past DNS experience that Porkbun uses Cloudflare.

Have you reached out to Porkbun to ask about these certificates?

Hi! That was my first suspicion as well. Porkbun support confirmed that they did not issue those certificates.

Certificates can not be issued unless they can validate via DNS or HTTP. Cloudflare provides neither of those for your domain. Or the third option is by Email, which Cloudflare is also not involved with for your domain.

Porkbun support might not realize it was triggered by an action at their end, but I’m quite sure that’s where to look.

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