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Hey all

I installed a cloureflare SSL certificate on my origin server but the server’s saying it’s an unknown certificate type (it’s godaddy, and yes, i know it makes me a newb and migrating is on my list).

When I run SSL checks view online diagnostics, it’s reporting back as secure, though my browser’s still reporting as not secure.

Any help would be appreciated.

That is because Origin certificates are only trusted by Cloudflare but not publicly in general. As long as it gets imported it should be fine.

It sounds good for the most part, but you may have Mixed Content. Post your domain name if you want us to take a closer look. But read the below first:

Well, this is certainly one of the most responsive internet forums I’ve been on; thanks everyone.

My domain is up at www.joejenkinsphoto.com

I think sdayman’s answer though of mixed content is likely the issue, as I’m almost positive I have some images loading that using non-relative paths.

Thanks, guys

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It is. I didnt really notice your issue with the browser warning and focused on the certificate issue.

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Well thats a relief. Thanks so much and, while the fix is going to likely be tedious, it’s better at least knowing what’s required.

As an addendum to this, I just loaded one of my site resources through https:// and it shows as secure, so spot on.

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Fix is super easy with a WordPress plugin:

But combing through your site to replace all http: references is the right way to do it. But, as you said, tedious.

Awesome, thank you.

I actually came across SSL plugins shortly after your post that address this specific problem, but I’m wary of plugins on the whole as they add a new measure of liability to the site; I once used one that allowed my htaccess file to be altered in a way that forwarded users to affiliate networking sites for overseas pharmaceuticals, or some such thing.

Granted, the plugin I’d had active was incredibly old and not kept even remotely up to date, but it still caused me to approach them on the whole with much more caution. Nevertheless the ones you recommended appear pretty up to date and have tons of installations, so I’ll just implement that now while I figure out something a little more permanent.

Thanks for your help!

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