Univesal SSL renewal is broken

Cloudflare removed Universal SSL edge certificates for all my domains while feature was active making websites unavailable. I had to disable and re-enable Universal SSL to trigger certificate issue.

I’m trying to make sense of similar issue with my sites. Will I be right to guess that your affected domains belong to “.ru” TLD?

DigiCert won’t issue certificates for this TLD so it’s probably related to that - Embargoed Countries & Regions

I’d assume that the site had a DigiCert certificate and renewal failed.

A subset of my sites — six out of thirty — were inaccessible throwing ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH. I can’t figure out what differentiates these from the rest — all have “Full” SSL/TSL mode and the DNS settings are pretty much the same across all sites.

Everything was fine until two days ago and I haven’t made any changes, but apparently the edge certificates just disappeared. I am able to reinstate these by disabling and enabling back the Universal SSL option, but this is very alarming as there’s been no warning whatsoever.

What could be the cause of these mysterious disappearances?

What’s the domain?

Yes, this is most likely the issue.

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