Universal SSL with "Active Certificate" Status Fails

Is the “Universal SSL” certificates recognized by the major browsers ( Chrome, FF, Edge, etc ) as a valid SSL? My “Crypto” console states under SSL that the certificate is active but both Chrome and FF still show Invalid SSL certificate.

That message is probably because you havent configured a proper certificate on your server. You still need to do that as well.

What’s the domain?

Thank you both for replying. The domain is ae-stage.dev. It looks like an existing SSL for *.agile-ed.com is picked up by browsers which triggers the SSL warning. ae-stage.dev is temporary and will be replaced agile-ed.com once the site launches. Should I just leave the warning in place as I’m really the only one who will see it? Thank you.

I get a 526 invalid SSL. Which suggests that @sandro was correct, you need a certificate on your server.


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