Universal SSL Status - Authorizing Certificate

I already have a Letsencrypt certificate.So I chose Full(strict) as the ssl option while adding my website on Cloudflare.The setting was changed a day ago.But still it shows ‘Universal SSL Status - Authorizing Certificate’.I’m unable to access my website.I have already contacted Cloudflare support( #1531373).
Additionally, an error 1001 is also showing below my account page.

That status refers to the TLS certificate on Cloudflare’s side. As it mentions on the site it can take up to 24 hours to be active.

The error you mentioned is unrelated in this context.

Its more than 24 hours now.

Then you might want to contact their support.

Its been 10 hours now and no reply from support team

I presume you are on a free plan. There responses take an average of 13 hours but could take more and also consider its the weekend.

Read this incident. :point_up:
Should be solved. :thinking:


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