Universal SSL possible data corruption?

My suspicion comes from the metrics, unsecure vs secure connections, almost 1/3 of the traffic is unsecure (therefore certificate not issued, not requested or totally not working) since the port 80 is externally closed.
Screenshot ssl_cloudflare

When another website on the server has only minimally unsecure connections vs regular traffic.
Screenshot ssl_cloudflare2

The website has been on Cloudflare for almost 10 years now, and the domain is 20/yo, so I think I’ve some experience with that. :expressionless:

So I wanted to underline that not only human traffic has decreased but also regarding common attacks, eg Wordpress, Joomla, Cpanel etc. and the biggest attacks come almost exclusively from known host networks, Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc.

If domain has SSL connection problems of some kind, then it also loses its authority, I think, also because I see that now the website is no longer reached from various locations (Africa, India, South East Asia, South America, Oceania) only US and UK traffic mostly, including regular bots.

Also, not all errors are monitored on the CF edge, for example Bad Gateway errors on proxies (NGINX white pages) aren’t reported in the stats.

I think the only way to validate my doubt, is to remove the site from Cloudflare, but due to the firewall rules I can’t do that, so just move it to another server with its valid certificate once I leave Cloudflare :frowning: