Universal SSL not working on subdomain

The universal certificate isn’t working on my subdomain and I have no idea why, it works on my main site but doesn’t on my subdomain

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Sub domain that isn’t working:
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It seems to work fine with www. though

Hi @dwifte,

It looks to me like you have mixed content on that subdomain page.

I’ll check it out, it’s my first time using Cloudflare and I’m pretty confused.

Great, no problem. Start by checking out point 3 in that linked article and enable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites as that should be the easiest fix. If that doesn’t work, you will need to go through the other steps.

Okay! By enabling that does it do it to everyone sub domain?

That setting applies to the whole zone, subdomains included.

Ah okay, thanks!

Quick question, since I’m using html will things like:
Count as http?

Those should be relative and work OK. The URL with the issue on your page is http://alphastore.rf.gd/app/img/ld.jpg.

I thought that wouldn’t count as that was an old domain I used for my testers :joy: Thanks for the notice lol

No problem, it is referenced over http here:

<div class="page page-home">
<div class="tabs">
<div class="navbar navbar-transparent" style="background-color:black">
<div class="navbar-bg" style="background-color:black"></div>
<div class="navbar-inner" style="background-color:black">
<div class="left"></div>
<div class="title"><img class="center" style="width:175px;height:45px" src="http://alphastore.rf.gd/app/img/ld.jpg" alt="hi"> </div>
<div class="right"></div>

Huh, I removed all my http:// and it’s still not working…I also can’t change the flexible thing to anything else as that would mess up everything.

Looks OK to me now and working as expected.

Probably need to reset my cache or try it on a browser, one sec!

Is it showing the Padlock and is it https? Can you send me a screenshot as my laptop is currently getting repaired.

Sure, here is is on Firefox and Chrome:



Okay thanks a lot! I’ve been trying to get this fixed for about 3-4hours now!

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