Universal ssl not issued even after 24 hours, site down


It has been more than 24 hours and ssl status is still showing “authorizing”. My website is down for more than 24 hours.
Domain name is keepinvesting.net
Ticket has been raised with no 1418385
As suggested in earlier posts, I tried to turn the orange cloud to gray, but not working.
May be this is due to the fact that I uninstalled ssl on the original server.
Is it possible to look into it and resolve.


Gray clouding definitely won’t work if the origin server doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed. In generally you’ll want some kind of origin cert in the long term, but in the short term until Cloudflare issues an SSL cert I would recommend reinstalling yours if you can. That should allow the site to work while :grey:.

Also when the cert is issued, flexible SSL won’t work because your origin server is redirecting the connection it would be making on http to https (and there’s no cert there to establish a secure connection). So once the Cloudflare SSL cert is in place you’ll also need SSL set to full and either your previous cert in place or you can install a Cloudflare Origin Cert (found on the Crypto page).

I refreshed the SSL issuance request for your zone outside of the ticket you referenced above, hopefully that will help but keep the ticket you have open as the support teams are better suited to assist you if the issue persists.