Universal SSL inactive After 48h

SSL does not activate after 48 hours of activation, I receive emails asking me to check my DNS zones, as well as the firewall, but my assigned DNS zones are well entered on OVH, everything is OK

Why is the universal certificate not activating?

What is the domain? There can be several things that can cause this, if you can provide the domain name, we can check for anything obvious.

I use the domain migrainesolution . fr

You have invalid DNSSEC a settings at your registrar. You will need to remove those.



I disabled DNSSEC protection at OVH about ten hours ago, unfortunately it still doesn’t work,

the problem is still visible , thanks for your advices

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The .fr TLD servers are still returning the stale algorithm. Perhaps it’s a timing thing on their side, but until the .fr servers stop returning that the domain won’t resolve on Cloudflare nor will a CA be able to issue an SSL cert.

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I make a ticket in OVH support, I’m waiting, thanks for your help !

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