Universal SSL in Kubernetes Ingress

Hi all,
I am pretty new to Cloudflare and I would like to ask help from the community in order to clarify some points. I am using Kubernetes and my endpoints are actually Ingresses. I have built my infrastructure before joining Cloudfare so I used a free 90 days SSL certificate for https.
Now I have a universal Cloudfare SSL ( also dedicated and must auto-renew itself ).
Do I still need to renew my free SSL every 90 days or Cloudfare SSL took over?
Another thing is the fact that I use a tls secret in my ingresses and it is based on free SSL.
If I want to create a secret based on Cloudfare SSL I must have domain.crt and domain.key files for it and I can’t find anywhere.
Unfortunately, the SSL description in the help section isn’t mentioning that part.
So I would like to get some help from the community.

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