Universal SSL in iran

hey , i am behnam

After many many tests , i realized and i am sure universal SSL is blocked in some ISP in iran

i know why univesal ssl is blocked in iran And I know this problem is from Iran

Our government does not solve this problem But maybe you can.

I am guessing if we can use dedicated ssl , This problem can be solved.

but dedicated ssl is not free and because we live in iran We can’t pay for it.

belive me living in iran is too harder than you think :slight_smile:

my only hope is you cloudfalare , any chanse to use dedicated ssl without payment?

Thank you

I highly doubt that the encryption - because that’s essentially what is being blocked, the (strong) encryption used by Cloudflare’s (and others’) TLS certs - would be “magically” allowed by purchasing a dedicated certificate. The purchasing issue can be solved by virtually being elsewhere when making the purchase and, quite possibly having to use a currency from a country whose citizens are not currently being punished by any U.S. embargoes / bans / sanctions simply by using an exchange with any E.U. member. Being virtually elsewhere = using a VERY good VPN service or having a friend living outside of Iran doing the entire process for you. However - until you use a TLS cert that’s either a) using a weakened encryption protocol approved for export by the U.S. or b) use an Iranian based SSL company and uploading it to your account (which requires a Business or Enterprise account) the “solution” of using a dedicated cert will, I think, though Cloudflare will need to tell you, not work for you.

Hi @bhmrgy, sorry for the issues, but the dedicated certificate won’t assist or help. This tip goes into all the details, but government blocks are something we cannot work around, Community Tip - Best Practices to Address DNS Hijacking.

i am sure dedicated ssl will help to solve this
but if it not possible , its ok

Thank you @cloonan

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