Universal SSL for same domain but new IP


I have a domain with a Cloudflare universal ssl installed. Hoever, I have decided to change my host, so I changed my IP of domain.
Now, the website is loading without issue on http but https is showing a page that my brower is working, Cloudflare is working but my host is down.)
My question is that ssl was issued for my domain with previous IP address. How can I create a new Cloudflare universal ssl for same domain but with new IP? (I deleted the domain and added again, but the ssl was there already).

As a second question, my host shows me two IP address:
“default Route” and “Shared SSL IP”
I tried both on my domain separately, and they both point to my host but without ssl. Should I defined two root domain and point to both of them in Cloudflare to get ssl alleviated?

Any idea? the website is still down…

This will be a host issue. Pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to get your site working fine on HTTPS. Once it does, it will also work on Cloudflare.

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You have fixed your server certificate and it now also works on Cloudflare.


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I disabled Cloudflare certificate and created another certificate in my host instead. It just worked that way.

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