Universal SSL expiring in 15 days, normal?

I’ve had the same setting for 6 years, and it’s never come this close to expiry before. Has something changed?

Cloudflare edge certificates should renew around 30 days out. What is the domain?

It’s a universal certificate. It’s showing 15 days externally as well (as in checking from an SSL checker). No errors on dashboard etc.

It should have been replaced by now…

You can try to disable Universal SSL, wait 2-3 minutes, then re-enable it agan to see if that will generate a new certificate. That will likely be a GTS one as Digicert ones, as you have now, are not being issued any more.

Hopefully that won’t break things (but things will break anyway if the certificate isn’t re-issued soon anyway).


Thanks for your help.

I’m getting a " Disabling SSL will also disable Always use HTTPS ." message when selecting.

After some poking around I also see “backup certificates” ready to deploy. Am I correct if the Digicert one expires in … 14 days - the backup will kick in and be a new GTS?

EDIT: from my research I see that backup certificates are only used if the main certificate does not renew after that it is unclear if they will auto renew. Based on this I performed the above and dissabled SSL. When I enabled it again a few minutes later, the old certificate activated while a new certificate was being processed. A few minutes later the old certificate disapeared and the new one took over.

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