Universal SSL expired on Free account


I’ve been using a free Cloudflare account for 6 years and I’m having my first problem today. My universal ssl certificate has expired and the domain has become unavailable.

I tried turning Universal SSL off and then on again. After that, a new Let’s Encrypt certificate was created for my domain for 3 months, instead of the previous Baltimore CyberTrust for 1 year. Too bad it didn’t happen automatically.

That’s weird. Your post sent me off to check all my certificates but none were up for renewal.

If you want to share the domain name, maybe someone at Cloudflare can look into it to see why that happened.

Presumably, this is a domain of a TLD which currently is sanctioned by Digicert - Embargoed Countries & Regions.

In that case, it’s a known issue that Cloudflare does not automatically switch to LE, and toggling usually fixes it. Sometimes, one has to switch manually → Reported as potential risk - blacklist_tld - #2 by sandro.


You are right. My domain in zone .su. Apparently I shouldn’t have expected to receive some kind of warning about problems with issuing a certificate from Cloudflare

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