Universal SSL error on root domain

I’m getting an SSL error on my root domain:

but the subdomain www works fine:

any ideas on why this might be?


The root domain isn’t set to :orange:. You probably want to redirect it to the www:

  1. Set the DNS entry for mikeleemusic.com to :orange:
  2. Create a Page Rule to match mikeleemusic.com/* and add a Setting for Forwarding URL (code 301) to https://www.mikeleemusic.com/$1

Your zone appears to be in a CNAME setup (perhaps through a partner)? That configuration doesn’t csupport a CNAME at the root to point to Cloudflare.

dig mikeleemusic.com ns +short

You could change your A record for the root to resolve to the same IP address as your www resolves to (though this could change and you would need to update it if it does).

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