Universal SSL deleted accidently

I followed this article and got a success message but still no SSL.

The status is still deleted.

what is the domain?


I have paused the Cloudflare because it’s giving me a cipher mismatch error.

The universal ssl cert is deleted when you disable ssl and re-provisioned when you re-enable

Is there any time limit when re-provisioned??
Shall I enable Cloudflare to get the new SSL?? Or it’s okay to have paused the account till I get a new universal SSL.?

Yes, you should:

  1. Re-enable Cloudflare.
  2. In the bottom of the SSL/TLS → Edge certificates page, click “Enable Universal SSL”.
  3. Wait for certificate provisioning.
  4. In SSL/TLS → Overview, choose Full (Strict).
  5. In SSL/TLS → Origin Server → Create certificate, choose key encryption algorithm (would suggest ECC), choose certificate validity (would suggest 1 year for higher security) and click “Create”.
  6. Copy the certificate and the private key into your server’s SSL/TLS configuration.
  7. Proxy (:grey::orange:) your DNS connections, so that they are protected via Cloudflare and they use SSL/TLS.
  8. You should be able to visit your site via SSL.

No, for my understanding.

Hope it helps!

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