Universal SSL DCV

Hi Experts,

Does anyone have the procedure to complete Domain Control Validation for Universal SSL? I got daily error 404 in directory /.well-known/pki-validation. Thanks

I don’t think that’s Universal SSL. It could be your host’s SSL process.

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Hi sdayman,

The IP was from 162.158.. I checked it’s Cloudflare and I only use Cloudflare universal ssl, so it’s likely Cloudflare.

Does your site don’t have error 404. Mine always occurs at 00.00 (GMT)


Have you enabled mod_remoteip or mod_Cloudflare (or are you generally rewriting IP addresses)? If not it was most likely a proxied request and came from a third party.

Hi sandro,

Oh i see now. I think I understand what you and sdayman are trying to say.

I am on cloud hosting and just upgraded to different server. I then remove my ssl to use Cloudflare ssl. the web admin just informed me that the previous server ssl configuration was doing the query. Universal SSL doesn’t do dcv and if anything showed up, it was proxied from another ip which is from the old server.

Thank you so much.

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