Universal SSL Certificate Updating

Our Universal SSL Certificate was recently updated, and we have a corporate client that apparently whitelists the certificates. Of course the new certificate, which expires in October 2020, caused all traffic to fail.

First question: How long has this certificate been valid for in the past? 7 months seems like an odd expiration term. We’ve had our current set up for several years and this hasn’t happened before. (Perhaps the whitelisting part is new.)

Second question: How can we prevent this from happening again? Will we have to wait for the certificate be used, and then whitelist it (thus creating downtime inbetween)?

Or am I totally misunderstanding something?

Thank you!

That corporate client has a peculiar security practice, and one that’s obviously causing problems. There are paid certificates, but there’s no guarantee those won’t update before their expiration.

The only guarantee would be uploading your own cert on a Business plan.

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