Universal SSL certificate replacing my professional Certigo certificate

Universal SSL certificate replacing my professional Certigo certificate.

I need to show my SSL certificate instead of the Cloudflare Google certificate. Apple does not recognize Google certificates as safe anymore. What is the solution here?

That seems a little unusual. I would expect that to be a rather high profile development. When a similar incident occurred with older Android devices and GTS, it was a frequent topic here. However, what you have asked is an option.

You can use your own certificate on a Business or Enterprise plan with the Custom Certificates feature. All plans have access to Advanced Certificates as a paid add-on that can be used to select the issuing CA used by Universal SSL.


I don’t see the benefit of overpaying for something that I already have in place. The certificate is on the site already so why purchase the same thing for a premium price?

You aren’t purchasing the same thing twice. You do not currently have a Cloudflare subscription that offers the Custom Certificates feature.

You can always set the hostnames to :grey: DNS Only and they will use only the certificate on your origin server. You will not be able to use features that depend on the Cloudflare proxy. If you want to use your own certificate on the Cloudflare proxy, the only option is to purchase a Business or higher level subscription.


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