Universal SSL certificate expired

It seems Cloudflare’s SSL certificate is expired:

Please help! My site is down (and has been down) for 2 hours now… seems the certificate just expired about 2 hours ago…

I got the same error about 2 hours ago. Sent in a ticket but no response. If anyone has an update on this let us know. Site is blocking all traffic due to no ssl certificate, though it says it’s active in my Cloudflare account.

I managed to fix the problem (for now) by clicking on “Upgrade” under “Edge Certificates” ($5/mo) in the “Crypto” section. I had to click the purchase button about 50 times to get it to work; I kept getting an error; it said it kept failing to connect to the CA server multiple times (even after logging out and logging in about 3 times, refreshing 12 times, and clearing cache, trying diff browser, etc). It seems there’s issues even with upgrading as well. There seems to be some systemwide issue w/ their certificate server that they’re failing to mention or find.

I find this highly disturbing and unacceptable, as my business site was down for more than 3 hours and no response from support. I’m also a paying customer as well (I’m not on the Free plan).

Thanks for the update. I tried 10-12 times to buy the certificate and it wouldn’t let me. Hopefully this is a big enough issue that they’ll get right on it. I’ve been down over 3 hours now.

Just do it multiple times; I counted 50 times until it finally went through. I also wrote a very long message to support to refund any of my multiple credit card payment attempts (if there are any) because this is clearly their fault.

Thanks, I’ll keep trying

I heard back from support, they’re not sure about a solution yet.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. I dug around and found out that it’s an “ongoing” problem:

And from the looks of it, from another guy, it seems the problem won’t be resolved until 24-48 hours later:

I’m seriously considering on looking for another Cloudflare-like (competitor) solution… Their support never got back to me.

Yeah, they just fixed it for me by putting in an ssl that expires later this year instead of today. So I’m back online. Not too bad of a wait.

ah you’re lucky! well glad to hear things worked out for you. But it seems that (after reading other posts) this problem is unavoidable and may happen again in the future, which I find highly disturbing and unacceptable.

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I hope this helps other people in the future, but support finally got back to me 3.45 hours later. Their solution is to disable then re-enable Universal SSL.

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Hello Team,

This is what I am getting the error.

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from orelexfinancialservices.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more
This server could not prove that it is orelexfinancialservices.com; its security certificate expired yesterday. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Your computer’s clock is currently set to Sunday, June 24, 2018. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system’s clock and then refresh this page.

Proceed to orelexfinancialservices.com (unsafe)

Kindly do the need full and suggest me How to make this site Active and live.



I’m having the same issue now for about 3 hours. It seems the SSL auto renew didn’t renew and the SSL certificate expired when it shouldn’t have for some reason.

here also turning it off and on again simply did not the trick. i wonder when support ever will give another answer then this.

fix it plx

carefull people , if you follow the lead of the official support, they will advies to turn it off and on aka disable / enable the certificates. but the danger is it will bring your site down for 24hours!
i had some traffic to the site as people could accept the certificate warning. now none. because its populating in the systems all is access denied and effeciently i need to wait between now and 24h to get the site up

nott a good advise or alternative
support please come with a valid solution that can bring up the sites ASAP!

it seems yeta gain provisioning will take longer then expected.
off and on works

There is a small amount of site owners affected by this delay. Yes it’s there. But if this would be a major issue, there would be much more complaints about it.

I for myself leave a site when the certificate is expired.

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