Universal SSL and Full strict

i released R3 on hosting and installed

i switched full strict mode

do i need to disable universal ssl in the cloudflare dashboard?

and also the one that is hosted and universal, they are both R3

the browser shows me the expiration date of the universal certificate and not the one I installed on the hosting - is that correct?

I will need to renew on the hosting myself, but will the universal one be renewed automatically?

thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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No, you still need Universal SSL as that constitutes your proxy certificate. You can only disable it if you went for the paid certificate, but you’ll always need the proxy certificate in addition to the valid certificate which you now installed on your server as well.

And yes, the proxy certificate (either free or paid) is managed by Cloudflare and will be renewed. You need to take care of your server certificate though.

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I understood everything now and figured it out, good luck in everything :slight_smile:

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