Universal edge ssl certificate expired and can't be automatically renewed

Hi, there!
I am facing a strange issue about edge certificate, my site is debugssl dot xiaoputaogan01 dot gq, it has no universal edge certificate now.
in the tab SSL/TLS->Edge Certificates my Universal certificates expired on 2022-10-26 and it’s invalid now.
I have already clicked button and enable it again, but I got a expired certificate again. I don’t know how to fix this issue now.
In order to make my site come alive again I created a Cloudflare workers service and add a custom domain that points to xiaoputaogan01 dot gq and www dot xiaoputaogan01 gq, but it’s just a bad workaround, I want to obtains a valid universal ssl certificate for * dot xiaoputaogan01 dot gq

Thanks you in advance!

I submitted a support ticket, but didn’t get any help as I am using a free plan. Ticket ID: 2614636


I have resolved this problem on the ticket.


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Thank you so much for your help.

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