Universal Edge certificates are stuck pending validation


I’ve been asked to post my question into the community and I can see there’s been quite a few similar questions posted about this as well. I set up the account a week ago but I’ve been unable to get the universal edge certificate to validate so I’ve had to pause the service otherwise the website goes down. I’ve disabled and re-enabled the universal certificate but it doesn’t get any further than pending validation. Can anyone please advise?

Can you try following the below suggestion?:

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the SSL tab/page settings at Cloudflare dashboard
  2. Click on the button “Disable Universal SSL” and wait for a five minutes
  3. Click the same button again to Enable Universal SSL
  4. This method usually reset the process of generating Universal SSL certificate

Here are some suggestions:

Moreover, may I ask what is your domain name?
Have you recently changed the nameservers for your domain at your domain registar?

Hi Fritexvz,

Thanks for that, I’ve set it going again a few moments ago so I’ll report back how I get on.
The domain is www.alchemillarestaurant.uk and we’ve not changed it recently but did have to add the www. in order to get Cloudflare to work through our current host (Siteground).

Thanks again

Hi again,
Just to report in, the certificate did eventually validate after removing and re-adding but not until I set the service as active again some hours later.
Thanks for your assistance!

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