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I have a domain added a couple of days ago, today I have figured out that on a free plan universal certificate does not support old browsers, however, in a paid plan it is. I have bought a pro plan and my question is: should I re-issue the universal certificate that was automatically generated by CF when I added my domain on CF with a free plan? and how to do this to allow work with old browsers.


Hi @o.akhtyrskiy,

From this support article:

Browser support

Universal SSL uses Server Name Indication (SNI) certificates with Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). It is possible for Cloudflare Support to enable non-SNI support for domains on Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans for Universal, Dedicated, Custom, or Custom Hostname certificates.

Understanding Universal SSL – Cloudflare Help Center

Have you contacted Cloudflare support to get this enabled?


No, I don’t. Thanks for the article, I will contact support to enable non-SNI support.

One more time thanks.

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No problem, if you get an auto reply that doesn’t help, make sure you reply back to the ticket to keep it open. Please also post your ticket number here for any staff who see the topic.

Here is 2166345

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