Universal certificate missing

Dear support,
I already read a similar topic in this community, but at the moment I’m facing to two issue.

  1. I can’t have a chance to use this policy rule: “use allways HTTPS”. I think because I don’t have any “Universal certificate”… and I don’t know why.

  2. I tried to disable/re-enable the “Universal SSL”, but now an error occured:
    “Internal error encountered while processing change (Code: 1005)”

It’s been two hours, more or less… this domain is not online yet.

I’d try it in half an hour again and should that still not work, open a support ticket at cloudflare.com/requests/new.

One other thing, create a dummy record which you proxy (should be :orange:) before toggling Universal SSL once more. This hasn’t been confirmed, but there were speculation Cloudflare might not issue the initial certificate properly if nothing is proxied.

Not support here :wink:

Hi Sandro,
sorry I’re right :blush:
I already have a record “orange cloud” present on my DNS configuration, but seems it’s not enough.
I’m going to open a support ticket.
Thanks for your answer.

Then something is most likely stuck an support will have to fix that.

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