Universal Certificate does not cover my subdomain

My subdomain app.aifeedback.io is not covered by the universal certificate, even though it should according to the documentation

My SSL/TLS encryption mode is “Full”, the registrar / hosting provider is using a valid certificate

The DNS entry states “This hostname is not covered by a certificate”

All works fine with the main domain
What am I missing?

I think I figured it out using this community tutorial: https://community.cloudflare.com/t/subdomain-too-deep/81872

Did not realize that www counts as a subdomain, hence www.app.* is a deep subdomain not covered by the universal certificate.

I am obviously not an expert on that topic, so would appreciate getting some feedback on my setup:

I set up vercel to redirect www.app.aifeedback.io to app.aifeedback.io.
In couldflare DNS, I disabled proxy for www.app but enabled it for app

Now it is working as expected. Anything bad about my setup? Thanks!

The domain in the screeshot is www.app.aifeedback.io

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No, it’s fine. There’s no reason to use www, it’s a historical artifact from the early days of the web, when no one thought websites were that important and wanted to have them over in the corner away from services that matter. Unfortunately, the convention stuck because people thought it was “part of the syntax”. Just redirecting it to the real name is a good practice.

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