Universal and Universal(Shared) how to switch?

I have two websites both are on the Cloudflare free plan one has a “Universal” cert where only the *.domain.com and domain.com are in the cert and the other one with the “Universal(Shared)” certificate has a lot of other websites in the certificate as well. Now I am asking my self how can I get a Universal cert for my other website too that until now has a “Universal(Shared)” cert.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hello Sandro,
yes I am very sure that I don’t have a dedicated certificate. And thats what irritates me so much.

Are you able to share the domains in question so we can take a look at the certificates?

@ntimo, thanks, I know what it is now!

I noticed this a while back on my domains. It depends when they were added to Cloudflare. Older ones have Universal (Shared) certificates issued to sniXXXXXX.Cloudflaressl.com with many domains on. Newer ones have Universal ones that are just issued to sni.Cloudflaressl.com with only your domain on them.

It is just a slight change in the way the certs are issued since Cloudflare now is a Trusted CA.


Here are both certs:

Do you know if there is a way to get this kind of newer cert for my “old” domains?

Other than disabling universal SSL for a while and then re-enabling it and hoping it will re-issue you a new cert, no… sorry!

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Oh well so not a ideal solution :confused: But I can try it with a “test” domain that I never use for anything ^^. Will report back.

For reference, I have now created a wiki post on the topic:

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